When it comes to developing commercial real estate, we do it all differently.

We’re bringing commercial real estate to the people. 

Typically commercial real estate is an investment vehicle available only to very wealthy individuals, or large corporations. Offering a potent combination of profit and security, many fortunes have been forged through the acquisition of land and the development of commercial real estate properties. Unfortunately securing the financing for developments at this scale isn’t something most individuals can manage on their own, which is how we came into existence and where our business model takes a profound turn. We are an organization that brings together a small number of individuals who collectively are able to secure the financing to build, lease and manage first-rate developments. To date, by partnering with more than 40 individuals across Western Canada, we have developed over 300,000 square feet of commercial real estate. This shared ownership structure gives individuals access to high quality commercial investments that would’ve otherwise been out of reach. 

As our business advances so does health care in the developing world.

For every building RISE develops, we provide the funding for a nurse practitioner to open and run his or her own medical practice in Kenya. These sister buildings provide the people in their communities access to basic health care that would otherwise be out of reach, such as access to low-cost, high-quality essential drugs and health care services.