Dr. Greg Appelt

Greg is a born entrepreneur. It’s quite literally in his blood. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and before he started medical school he’d already run two small successful businesses. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Manitoba and establishing his own practice as an allergist, Greg decided to build his own medical building. After its completion he started RISE (formerly Appelt Medical Developments). He wanted to help doctors and business owners across Western Canada create equity by owning their own office building in the same way he’d been able to. A driven and focused leader, Greg has a knack for bringing out the best in the people around him. When Greg is off the clock, he can found spending time with his wife, three kids and their constantly expanding roster of pets.


Teresa Mclean

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Connie Mazzei

Connie joined the RISE team in 2014 and it didn’t take her long to make her mark. With extensive experience managing commercial assets (3 million square feet in the past two decades) she elevates the outcome of everything she oversees. Her perfectionist nature tempered by a pragmatic outlook and strong leadership skills help her pull together a team that effectively takes challenging assets and turns them into marketable properties. When she’s not wrangling first-rate projects to completion she loves to spend time catching up with her four grown boys and their families.


Robert Fetter

Robert has a wide array of skills and a vast amount of experience in the world of property management both of which he owes to an incredible work ethic. He’s spent the past fifteen years learning the ins and outs of the industry, working on commercial, industrial and residential projects across BC and Alberta. But Robert brings more than just practical know-how to the team. His witty sense of humour, and no-nonsense attitude ensures not only do things get done, but everyone enjoys the process along the way. The world of construction is more than just a career it is his passion, which is why even when Robert’s not managing a building he’ll work on side projects remodelling his own home or homes for friends. When he doesn’t have his work gloves on you can find him playing his grand piano or listening to opera music.