Becoming a doctor requires a lot of looking ahead. 


No one becomes a physician without the ability to delay gratification. You delay sleep, food, financial gain, and at times a social life to put the letters MD at the end of your name. Now, as a doctor, you are in the enviable position of having a career that is fulfilling, meaningful and financially rewarding. But there’s still looking ahead to be done. Unlike a traditional business, a medical practice doesn’t grow in value over time. In fact, oftentimes when a physician retires their practice retires with them. Typically, there’s no payout, no reward to be reaped for the investment, until now. 



Put your rent towards a better use. Like owning your own medical building.


Physicians provide a portion of the initial funding for the project but they’re also the project’s initial tenants, which means we’ve taken the major pitfall of commercial real estate off the table. With a substantial number of pre-leases oftentimes two to three years in advance of development, we have the time and incentive to bring others on board. A brand-new development with assured physician-tenants is an attractive proposition for pharmacies, para-medical groups and other physicians.