You’ve built your business.
Let us help you grow it. 


Whether you’re a CEO, a contractor, or a consultant, as a business owner you’ve done what many aspire to do. You’ve created something. Through hard work, planning and determination you’ve forged a company and taken control of your future. Yet there’s still work to be done, no business is immune to the ebb and flow of clients and contracts. But with RISE you can take steps to protect it. 


Stop renting, start owning. 


We all understand the value of owning a home versus renting. When you’re renting a home, the money you spend each month doesn’t accumulate into anything. When you own your home the money you spend each month goes towards building equity in an appreciating asset. Now take that same logic and apply it to your business. Every month, in businesses across the country, billions of dollars in rent go towards creating equity for large commercial developers. 


We want to put some of that money back into the pockets of the business owners. 


By bringing together between five and ten future owners, who each put down an initial sum, we create the down payment and also secure a critical mass of pre-leases. Together, we are able to initiate the process of building a first-rate commercial building. Once the building is open for business, as an owner, you're no longer paying rent; your monthly payments build your equity, as does the rent from the other tenants. After the mortgage is paid, the remaining cash is distributed on an annual basis to the owners, which means in addition to building equity, you’re creating passive cash flow independent from your business. The short term benefit is material. The long term benefit is monumental. Every year as the value of the building increases so does your investment, creating substantial wealth for your organization.