You don’t have to be a real estate mogul to invest like one.


The path to creating wealth isn’t always linear. As many seasoned investors will attest, the key to creating a strong portfolio is diversification. RISE offers business owners a chance to take funds they’re already spending on rent and divert them into a commercial property that creates a supplemental income stream and a growing asset. 


Build your medical practice the smart way.

When you have your own practice, in addition to the daily task of caring for patients, there’s also the job that begins when you’re off the clock. You have employees, payroll, scheduling, filing and a litany of other tasks that, delegated or not, require attention. Along with the extra work and responsibility comes tremendous upside. You’ve taken ownership of your future and now have the ability to shape it. By taking the next step and owning your office instead of renting, you are creating a strong foundation for your practice in a way that will have lasting material benefits well into the future. 

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Become an owner in our upcoming Calgary project.